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2019 Talks

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Burstall Sub-Station

On February 4th 2019 the talk was given by Edward Rees of Scottish Power and he  told us about East Anglia One, a massive array of 102 Wind Turbines out in the North Sea, which has the capacity to generate an enormous 714 megawatts of electric power. He described progress on the installation of the land-based cables which will deliver power from Bawdsey, from where they go under the Deben and around Ipswich to Bramford to feed into the National Grid.  The talk generated many questions and was most interesting

On March 4th 2019 the speaker was Steve Chalkley, from Ipswich Makerspace https://ipswichmakerspace.com/ . He talked to us about Personal Manufacturing which is about designing a product yourself, making some prototypes, making a few changes and then repeating the process. When satisfied you then make a few dozen, few hundred or a few thousand. You can then start selling the product. You don’t need to commit to minimum volumes or even a long-term business plan. Modern technology such as laser cutting and 3D printing has made this possible. We saw a 3D printing machine brought along by Steve and some laser cut models.

3D Printer

On April 1st 2019 Sarah Margittai presented  “A History of Shinglestreet: How it all began”, the first of two talks on the subject of Shinglestreet. Very few seaside hamlets have attracted as much myth and fantasy as Shinglestreet, but truth really can be stranger than fiction. In reality Shinglestreet resembled  a series of small socio-economic miracles! Here is the true story of a working community founded as the result of the Napoleonic wars.

Pilot House

On May 13th 2019 Sarah presented “Shinglestreet: The End of the Affair”. This  addressed the question:  “Did the Germans invade Shingle St in WW2?”. Our meeting on Monday 13th May revealed “all” and created a lot of interesting questions and discussion

Outside Coastguards

On June 3rd 2019 Peter Youngs presented “Water for Food”. Peter has extensive knowledge of this from his original job managing the vegetable crops on the Broxtead estate at Sutton and his retirement job managing the East Suffolk Water abstractors group, looking after the interests of irrigators. He l explained why irrigation is so important, how it is done and where the water comes from. He also covered the legislation affecting abstraction and also looked at future supply challenges and potential new sources of water in East Suffolk. A most enlightening talk.

On August 5th 2019 Peter Wain spoke to us about the medieval port of Goseford.  The  talk was all about a lost medieval port on the river Deben, its origins, its disappearance and its importance. Another fascinating talk at Woodbridge Probus.


David Empson a local Researcher & Collector of all things WW1 & WW2 joined us on September 2nd 2019 to talk about what all our Fathers’ & Grandfathers’ and of course Mothers’ & Grandmothers’ generation did in the Two World Wars

He answered questions on research and how to expand on your knowledge of their long sacrifices to give us a free world.

Sutton Hoo Ship Project

Brian Knibbs’ talk on October 7th 2019 will consist of a report on a ship built in Nydam Denmark which relates somewhat to the New Replica ship to be built in the Longshed in Woodbridge.He will also be giving an update on what is currently happening with the work associated with the replica Longship and what is scheduled to happen in the near future.

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